The Best 5 Pizzerias in Barletta in 2024

Join us as we explore the culinary charm of Barletta and its surroundings, where a passion for pizza translates into refined and unforgettable dining experiences. In this guide, we will take you through the top 5 pizzerias of 2024, where quality and innovation always come first. Prepare for a journey through authentic and innovative flavors, perfect for any pizza lover.

SENTI – Che Pizza: A Culinary Jewel in Trani, Near Barletta

best pizzeria in barletta
Best pizzeria in trani

SENTI – Che Pizza is located in the beautiful Trani, just a short distance from Barletta, and represents a must-visit destination for tourists and quality pizza lovers. This pizzeria has been recognized with prestigious awards such as 50 Top Pizza and Pizza and Cocktails by Identità Golose. With dough that rests for 72 hours and a menu that changes with the seasons, SENTI offers a unique culinary experience. The venue is not only glamorous but also caters to those with special diets, offering gluten-free and lactose-free options. Booking is easy and fast thanks to the online system. Learn more about SENTI – Che Pizza.

Pizzeria Bistró BàLá

Pizzeria Bistró BàLá provides a welcoming atmosphere and a culinary experience that ranges from classic Italian pizzas to more innovative creations. This pizzeria is famous for the quality of its ingredients and the skill of its pizza chefs, who work daily to ensure crispy and tasty pizzas. Perfect for an evening with friends or family, BàLá has earned its place among the best thanks to its dedication and passion for pizza. Visit their Facebook page.

Triticum PizzaChef Food&Beer

The third pizzeria on our list is Triticum PizzaChef Food&Beer, a venue where pizza meets craft beer in a perfect blend for those who love robust and decisive flavors. With a selection of pizzas prepared with selected flours and a wide range of craft beers, Triticum offers a gastronomic experience that goes beyond the typical pizzeria. Learn more about Triticum.

La Rustica Pizzeria

La Rustica Pizzeria stands out for its warm and family-friendly environment, where every customer immediately feels at home. This pizzeria is famous for its traditional recipes that use only the finest local ingredients. La Rustica is the ideal place for those looking for a genuine and tasty pizza, prepared according to tradition.

Il Forno Antico

We complete our list with Il Forno Antico, a pizzeria that celebrates the tradition of Neapolitan pizza. Here, the wood-fired oven is the heart of the restaurant, and the pizzas are cooked to perfection to ensure that unique and unmistakable flavor that only traditional baking can offer. Il Forno Antico is a must-visit for those seeking the authentic pizza experience.


What are the selection criteria for the best pizzerias in Barletta?

The pizzerias have been selected based on the quality of ingredients, the originality of the recipes, the expertise of the pizza chefs, the atmosphere of the venue, and positive customer reviews.

Can I find vegan or vegetarian options at these pizzerias?

Yes, most of the selected pizzerias offer vegan and vegetarian options, catering to various dietary needs of their customers.

What is the best season to visit these pizzerias?

Pizzerias in Barletta offer a great experience year-round, but the summer period is particularly lively thanks to the mild climate and the possibility of sitting outdoors.

Do any pizzerias offer home delivery services?

Yes, some of the listed pizzerias offer home delivery services. It is advisable to check directly on their websites or social pages for specific details and coverage area.

How can I book a table at the best pizzerias in Barletta?

Many pizzerias allow online booking through their official websites or booking platforms. Alternatively, you can call the restaurant directly to secure a table.


These five pizzerias represent the best that Barletta and its surroundings have to offer to pizza lovers. With a range of styles and flavors, each pizzeria offers something unique, ensuring memorable culinary experiences. We invite you to visit these gastronomic excellences to discover the authentic flavors of this wonderful area for yourself.