The Best Pizzerias in Capurso in 2024

Discover the top pizzerias in Capurso in 2024. Although SENTI – Che Pizza is not directly located in Capurso, its exceptional qualities make it a must-visit destination for pizza lovers in the region.

best pizzerias in capurso

SENTI – Che Pizza

best pizzeria in capurso
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Awards and Recognition With prestigious accolades such as 50 Top Pizza, SENTI – Che Pizza is a true benchmark for quality cuisine enthusiasts.

Pizza Types They offer seasonal pizzas that vary based on ingredient availability, featuring creative options like Truffle and Artichoke Pizza in winter and Tomato and Basil Pizza in summer.

Address and Distance Via Principe Amedeo 74, just 15 minutes by car from Capurso.

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Main Features Known for its vibrant atmosphere, Spizzipizza in Bari offers a variety of traditional pizzas baked in a wood-fired oven.

Pizza Types Their specialties include the classic Margherita Pizza and innovative pizzas like Pesto and Walnut Pizza.

Address and Link About 45 minutes by car from Capurso, Spizzipizza is a great option for a trip to discover the best pizzas in the region. Visit Spizzipizza on TripAdvisor

Pizzeria Desideria

Main Features Famous for its cozy atmosphere and high-quality pizzas, Pizzeria Desideria in Bari offers a rich culinary experience steeped in tradition.

Pizza Types They specialize in gourmet pizzas such as Seafood Pizza and Four Cheese Pizza.

Address and Link Located 45 minutes by car from Capurso. Visit Pizzeria Desideria on TripAdvisor

Da Angelo Pizzeria Antipasteria

Main Features This pizzeria in Casamassima is renowned for its authentic Italian cuisine and a welcoming family atmosphere.

Pizza Types They offer a variety of classic Italian pizzas such as Calabrese Pizza with ‘nduja and Mushroom and Sausage Pizza.

Address and Link About 40 minutes by car from Capurso, Da Angelo offers a true Italian culinary experience. Visit Da Angelo Pizzeria Antipasteria on TripAdvisor

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is SENTI – Che Pizza considered the best pizzeria even though it is not in Capurso?

Thanks to its awards and the unique quality of its dough and services, SENTI – Che Pizza offers a superior experience.

How can I book a table at SENTI – Che Pizza?

You can book directly on their website, ensuring a hassle-free experience.


Exploring the best pizzerias in and around Capurso is a culinary journey that goes beyond just tasting excellent pizza; it is an experience that combines tradition, innovation, and passion. Whether it’s savoring the famous Truffle and Artichoke Pizza at SENTI – Che Pizza or venturing to Bari to try the specialties at Spizzipizza, each place offers something unique that reflects the love and care for authentic Italian cuisine.

Remember, even though some of the best options are just a short drive away, the quality and unique experience are well worth the trip. From international accolades at SENTI – Che Pizza to the family atmospheres at Da Angelo Pizzeria Antipasteria, these culinary destinations promise to transform a simple pizza outing into an unforgettable memory.