Do You Wake Up Thirsty After a Pizza Night? Here’s the Shocking Reason No One Ever Told You!

Have you ever experienced an insatiable thirst after a pizza night? The main reason might surprise you: it’s the dough. Dough that isn’t properly leavened can lead to nighttime dehydration. Let’s discover how proper leavening can affect not only the flavor but also our nighttime well-being.

Why Do We Drink After Eating Pizza at Night?

Dough that isn’t adequately leavened remains dense and difficult to digest, causing a greater need for hydration. The salt in the dough, essential for flavor, can further stimulate thirst.

Why This Habit Is Not Beneficial

Waking up at night to drink interrupts sleep, preventing us from reaching the deep stages of rest. Over the long term, this can lead to health problems such as an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases and metabolic impairment.

How to Choose the Right Pizzeria

To avoid these discomforts, choose a pizzeria that uses long leavening techniques and pre-ferments like biga. A leavening period of 24-72 hours is ideal for a lighter, more digestible dough.

The Secret of a Pizza That Doesn’t Make You Thirsty

The use of a pre-ferment and long fermentation makes the dough more digestible and less likely to leave you thirsty. These methods also improve the flavor, making the pizza a guilty pleasure that’s less guilty.

Why You Won’t Have This Problem at SENTI – Che Pizza

A prime example of how choosing the right pizzeria can directly affect your post-meal experience is found at SENTI – Che Pizza. Here, pizza dough is prepared with manic attention to quality and digestibility, using a pre-fermentation process and ensuring a leavening of a full 72 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I feel thirsty after eating pizza? Improperly leavened dough and high salt content are the main culprits.

Improperly leavened dough and high salt content are the main culprits.

Does long dough fermentation change the flavor of the pizza?

Yes, it improves the flavor and texture, making it tastier.


Choosing a pizzeria that pays attention and care in preparing the dough can make a difference for our nighttime well-being. Remember, not all pizzas are the same. Making informed choices can enhance your culinary experience and your health.